An Image of the front cover of the Summer 2020 edition of the Alumni Magazine. It depicts a graduate throwing her cap into the air with the text "A Year Like No Other: Black Bears reflect on life during the pandemic".

The latest edition of the Alumni Magazine has been published and is available to pick up at Buchanan! The go-to place for class news and stories about your classmates, this Summer edition also contains a number of stories detailing how UMaine and her alumni have handled this unprecedented year.

If you would like to have the Alumni Magazine delivered directly to your door, fill out this online form or contact Abigail Zelz at 581-1137 ( If you prefer digital means, click this link to be directed to the Alumni Association’s website, where the entire magazine has been scanned and made available digitally.

The Alumni Magazine is always available for free, and every physical copy comes with an envelope for voluntary contributions.